This past weekend our Georgia Chapter hit the woods for their second deer hunt of the fall season.  With a great group of mentors and young men we all were excited to spend time in God’s creation.  This was a rescheduled hunt from a couple weeks ago that got rained out.  We kicked it off with a great time Friday night at our new ministry partner, New Brooklyn Baptist Church, fellowship hall.  We had a pizza dinner and then had a great devotional by mentor Matt Mason.  He wrapped up the time by leading us in How Great Thou Art in which all the mentors and boys sang together.  After giving out some camo to the boys and playing a little man hunt we turned in for the night knowing it would be an early morning.  We got up Saturday morning at 4am, grabbed a quick breakfast, cleaned, and packed up and headed to Walker Creek Outdoors.  It was buck only this day because doe days had went out the week before.  It didn’t take long for the action to pick up.  Mentor Jeff B and Bobby quickly had two does on them.  Not long after Michael and Isaac had a doe come by them as well.  With the boys anxious to shoot they knew they had to wait on a buck.  Shortly after a text came through that Cody and Mack had 4 deer just come by them but couldn’t identify as to whether they were a buck or not, so no shot.  Over in the Jeff D and Daniel stand they were watching a doe feed up the hill right towards them.  When she got close they noticed another deer coming up the hill behind her.  It was a buck and it was on the move.  Daniel quickly got ready and then Jeff gave a soft grunt and the deer stopped in its tracks.  Daniel pulled the trigger and made and awesome shot.  The buck ran 20 yards and that was it!  Daniel had shot his first deer, his first buck, all on his first time in the stand.  Everyone was pumped!  During the break between morning and evening hunts we cleaned the deer, took pictures, had a great smoked chicken lunch prepared by mentor Jeff B, and cleaned up.  The evening was exciting as well as more deer were seen, but all does and no bucks.  All in all the conversation, time spent building relationships, and in God’s Word made this program a true success.  We look forward to continuing to build these relationships with these young men.  Our prayer is for them to get closer to Him as God uses these mentors to speak into their life.

You can check all the pictures by clicking the link below:

2015 Georgia Deer Hunt #2