Every year our Georgia Chapter will run two additional trips/programs for young men that have earned them.  The young men, selected by our mentors, that attend these programs have demonstrated leadership in their home, in their school, and during our programs.  This past weekend we welcomed Daniel K & Daniel J along for our Spring Bonus Leader Trip.  These two young men were awarded this trip at the end of our 2015 year of programs for demonstrating leadership and setting the example.  The trip started off Thursday evening as mentors Jeff and Tim treated the young men to a Longhorns steak dinner.  After dinner we all settled in to our Red Top Mountain cabin ready for the next two days of outdoor adventure and fellowship.  Friday we went turkey hunting in White, GA at the Cobb Legions Hunting Club, thanks to the invite from Pastor Birch Jones of Church of the Vine.  The day started off great with tom’s gobbling all over.  Jeff and Daniel J had three gobblers responding to their calling when Daniel spotted a tom moving across the food plot they were hunting on.  As they were getting ready to make a shot the tom held up, got nervous, and headed back the way he came never providing a shot.  Over in the Tim and Daniel K blind the action was just as intense.  They had a gobbler coming in and he got hung up right before entering the food plot they were on, ultimately never providing a spot.  After a short break for lunch, we hit the woods for a few more hours in the afternoon.  Tim and Daniel K were the only ones with action in the afternoon with a bunch of hens on the food plot.  It was a great day as we ended with a great dinner and some man time around the camp fire.

Saturday morning we were up early to brave the wind and cold for a fishing trip with First Bite Guide Service and Captain Robert Edison.  The morning started out well with some great hook ups and some good fish put on the boat.  We had a mix of striped bass and hybrid bass.  Both young men were catching fish and hooking up despite the weather.  The morning was up and down as the cold front moved in and the wind got up in the the 20+ MPH gust range.  We had a great time and caught a mixed bag of fish.  We came off the lake as the wind reached its peak and were ready for some food.  We treated the boys to a country style breakfast and then headed home.

These small group style trips with our leaders always a great time to build bonds and spend time encouraging them as leaders.  This weekend was filled with conversation, cutting up, and all around good time.  Our prayer is that theses young men will be encouraged to continue to step up and be leaders within our programs and the places and people they come in contact with.

All the pictures can be found at the link below:

2016 Georgia Spring Bonus Leader Trip