In Georgia this past weekend we were treated to a Pioneer Weekend led by one of our mentors Cowboy Tom Veale.  Tom comes from a long background of camp craft, cowboy ways, and pioneer trades.  So it was a pleasure for the boys to have a different type of program and learn something new.  Friday night the group got together at our Georgia Camp Facility.  It was a great group of mentors and boys coming together in God’s Creation.  We enjoyed a fish fry dinner with all the fixings.  The fish was caught directly by our boys between the spring fishing program and the deep sea fishing Leadership Trip this summer.  It was a great dinner as everyone got full and settled in to kick things off with Tom.  He began his instruction with teaching a couple knots to tie to prepare the boys for what they would be doing Saturday.  They got to practice with some bamboo after learning the knots, tying the pieces of bamboo together using the knots they had learned.  It took some practice to get them all down but in the end they all caught on.  After the instructional part of the night Tom led a devotional on “What is the Truth in Nature”.  It was a great devotional and interactive with the boys teaching on the true meaning of what we are doing these programs for and the “Truth” behind all of it.  After the devotional we settled in for the night and hit the sack in our new bunk beds.

Saturday morning came early.  After cleaning and putting our bedding away by 7am were getting ready for breakfast.  Breakfast was awesome with breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, and fruit.  After breakfast we headed up the hill from camp for our Pioneer Day.  Cowboy Tom had constructed a lean to and “Camp Buddy” and the boys were in for a treat.  We practiced our knot tying one more time and then put it to work.  The boys, who were divided into teams the night before, set out with their team to build their own “Camp Buddy”.  It was a competition for best Camp Buddy and best Dakota Fire.  In addition there was some recognition for the top three individuals at stake too.  They boys did a great job and all teams were able to complete their Camp Buddy and Dakota Fire Pit.  Teams #1 & #3 were the best teams for Fire Pit and Structure.  Our top 3 winners were Brandon, Daniel N, and Manny.  They all kept at it until all tasks were done and were true leaders of their groups!  Congrats to them.  We ended the day with a hamburger cook out and some down time before heading home for the weekend.

This was another great program at our Georgia Chapter.  The time, mentorship, and bonding spent between these young men from fatherless and single parent homes and our mentors is truly valuable.  The true blessing is getting to spend time in God’s Word while in His creation each and every time.  We are truly seeing our boys grow in their walk both personally and spiritually.

Check out all the pictures from the weekend below.

2016 Georgia Pioneer Days