The Louisiana Chapter was in full swing preparing for it’s Back to School Summer Splash, when South Louisiana was hit by a historic and devastating flood. The focus immediately change from fun in the sun to, “what can Truth in Nature do to help with flood recovery?”. God began to move and open doors with contacts in the affected area and with the finances and supplies needed to help with the task at hand. We picked up the boys on Friday evening to stay at Camp TIN, so we could get an early start. That night God sent a very important message through mentor Michael Thomas. He reminded us to let our light shine as we were serving others, and to bring the message with us that “if you have lost everything, but know Christ, you have everything”.
     On Saturday morning, we got an early start for the big day ahead. After breakfast we split into two groups. One group went to one of our very own Truth in Nature boy’s home where they received over a foot of water in the house. After a hard days work they were able to get the house completely gutted and ready to dry out and be put back together. The other crew went to another house that received a lot more water. In fact it had 2 foot of water in the second story. They had their work cut out for them as they removed everything from the 1st floor and squeegeed all the mud and water out. Then pulled down all the wood and insulation down from the ceiling to began the drying process. Although we didn’t get the house completely gutted, we didn’t feel defeated, because as we prayed and discussed what we did that day, the 70yr old widowed home owner was broken. As she wept, she explained to us that in her whole life, she had never had anyone do anything like this for her before. We feel a seed was planted and she experienced the love of Christ for the very first time.
     We would like to thank all the boys and volunteers for all their hard work, and a big thank you to all who gave donations of supplies and finances to make this mission possible.   Please join us as we continue to pray for all the residents that have been affected by this flood and for all the volunteers that are helping with recovery.


You can check out all the pictures by clicking the link below: 

2016 Louisiana Flood Recovery