Our South Carolina Chapter closed down its year of programs with a bonus trip for two of its regular attendees, brothers Mark and James.  They were treated to a day at the shooting range and lunch to cap off a great year with our South Carolina Chapter.  Both of these young men have been a staple in our programs ran there  out of northeast Columbia.  We kicked the day off picking up the boys and heading on over to the Sandhills Shooting Range.  The boys got situated and we hit the range.  It was a great shooting different firearms, learning proper technique, and really just having some good fellowship for the final time in 2016.  Program Director Matt Hellman spent the day with the boys continuing to build bonds with these two young men.  After our shoulders could not take any more we concluded the day with a lunch at Waffle House.

It has been a great year at South Carolina, where as of August 2016, we completed our first full year of programs in the Northeast Columbia area.  We were able to work with 6 young men on and off throughout the year and we see God continuing to build and create bonds and relationships through our mentors and programs spending time with these young men.  We are looking forward to what He has in store for 2017 and the programs in Columbia, SC.  We encourage you to make our programs known to any single parent in the area that has a son in middle or high school.  We run programs throughout the year and are already in the planning stages for the new year.  You can be added to the distribution list just by dropping Matt Hellman a note at matt.hellman@truthinnature.org.  Please continue to keep this chapter and all of other chapters in your prayers as we continue to work with these young men from single parent and fatherless homes.

You can see all the pictures form our Bonus Trip by clicking the link below:

2016 South Carolina Bonus Trip