This past weekend our Georgia Chapter enjoyed great weather for our World of Woodcraft and Wildlife Event. This was a first time program our Georgia Program Director, Don Brooks, introduced to our Georgia schedule this year.  This was an overnight program and Friday Night we welcomed two new mentors, Sam and Carlos, who jumped right in as if they’ve been a part of the family all along.  After a great dinner and meal prepared by Leslie Brooks, our long time Mentor Roy Rogers shared his heart along with a few things that all men struggle with, while encouraging us to surrender our whole heart to God.

Saturday morning, after a big country breakfast, we went to work building bat, owl and duck boxes to strategically place around our 110 acre property provided by ministry partner Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land.  There are several reasons we introduced this program to our Georgia boys.  It taught the boys a few carpentry and building skills, as well as how to work as a team to get it done.  They also learned there are many benefits to inviting and maintaining a habitat for these creatures.  It really gave the boys ownership in the property that God has provided to us through our ministry partner Bill Jones and STPAL.  After getting the boxes built and ready several mentors with small groups of boys strategically placed the boxes over the property.  It will be great to go back in the near future and see the owls, ducks, and bats using this new habitat.

Our boys enjoyed exploring and learning more about the land surrounding our camp. We hope they left this event, not only with a deeper understanding of woodcraft and wildlife, but of the God who created all of nature for them to enjoy and that they saw Him more clearly through the undeniable truth in the nature that surrounded them.

We ask you to please continue to pray for these programs, boys, and mentors as we open up to allow God to use us to reach, inspire, support, and engage these young men from fatherless and single parent homes.

You can check out all the pictures from this past week by visiting the link below.

2017 Georgia World of Woodworking