This past weekend our Columbia, South Carolina Chapter held it’s Spring Fishing Rodeo. It was a beautiful day to spend time between mentors and boys in God’s Creation. We were able to welcome two new young men to our programs here as we got started for the day. Mentors William and Jason were on hand to join Program Director Matt Hellman in a great day around the pond. Shortly after drop off the boys got their rods rigged up and tackle arranged. Then they spread out around the pond with a mentor and began fishing for the big one. Daniel caught the first fish of the day a nice bass. He was excited to pull him out of the pond. During the fishing mentor Jason brought out his drone to take some overhead footage and show the boys how the drone works. He took some great shots of the property and the boys made a huge “TIN” out of boards on the bank for the photos. It was a lot of fun. We broke for pizza around lunch time and enjoyed a meal together. Shortly after mentor William led a devotional that he felt God has laid on his heart. He shared with the boys about their faith, eternity, and salvation in Christ. Each young man was challenged by this and we closed down in prayer. After some cleanup it was time to head home and the boys were picked up from the property.


This was truly a great day around the pond and above all else the sharing and fellowship between young men and mentors was the true success. It was a great way to start off our 2017 programs in South Carolina for young men from fatherless and single parent homes. Please continue to keep these young men and mentors in your prayers as we will be back next month with an overnight campout. We pray for God to use these programs to reach, inspire, support, and engage these young men.

You can check out all the pictures by visiting the link below.

2017 South Carolina Fishing Rodeo