This past weekend was a great program for our Georgia Chapter, led by Program Director Don Brooks and his crew. We held our new to us program the Fishing Workshop.  This is where the boys will learn all the in and outs of tackle, casting, rigging, etc before going fishing in May.  As always we use these programs as a backdrop to invest the time into the boys from single parent and fatherless homes to expose them to healthy relationship with Christ and other like minded men.  After a fish fry dinner Friday evening, Don shared a visual demonstration and an interactive, deeper look at the details of the scourging, suffering, sacrifice and death Jesus endured for us so that we could have eternal life and be called the sons of God.  It was definitely eye opening and caused us to really think about what He went through, just for us.  After the devotional mentor Tom Veale gave an instruction on restringing the rods and reels we will be using for the fishing program in May.   The evening also entailed a fishing session, Carrie Davis’ famous “Nana Puddin”, some Mantime around the fire, and free time before hitting the bunks.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a pancake breakfast prepared by Leslie Brooks.  Afterwards mentor Tom began the day with a few inspirational words on the sacrifice of a Father. The boys and mentors then split up into groups. Tom headed up our Fishing Workshop along with Kevin Garner, Michael Forlaw and Jason Knight, as the boys learned how to load their rods, rig their tackle, bait their hooks and cast, as well as create their own tackle boxes. They are now set for our big Spring Fishing Event next month.  Jacob, Aaron and Ian showed us their exceptional skills, winning the competitions for the event.  After a grilled burger lunch, we wrapped up the program by announcing our Summer Leadership Trip Winners: Daniel J., Daniel N., Demetrius and Aaron. They will be headed to Florida for a Deep Sea Fishing Trip for exhibiting leadership qualities, taking initiative, good attitudes and helpfulness at home with their families and in their communities, making efforts to do well in school, etc. We are all very proud of these young men and know their moms are as well.

We are excited as we continue to grow and look forward to the future God has planned for us. Please continue to pray for us and for our boys, that God would be evident in all we do and that through us, God would make his love known in the lives of these young men, having an eternal impact on them and all those they come in contact with.

You can see all the pictures by visiting the link below:

2017 Georgia Fishing Workshop