Over the past weekend our Georgia Chapter took to the road and headed to Florida for our annual Summer Leader Trip.  This year Daniel J, Daniel N, Manny, and Demetrius earned their way onto this trip.  The trip is a 3 night trip to Florida for some fun, fellowship, deep sea fishing, and time to invest and encourage a small group of leaders within our Georgia Chapter.  Mentors Josh Higgins and Jeff Davis were on hand during this trip to go along with the boys.  Friday morning we all met up at the local Chick Fil A to have some breakfast and head down the road.  The road trip is always an experience within itself.  After lunch and 6 hours of drive time we arrived in Panama City Beach, FL that evening.  We got unpacked and checked in to our condo and then headed out for a little beach time, then to dinner at Hammerhead Fred’s.  After dinner we played some Uno at the condo and hit the bed.

Saturday Morning we got up and grabbed some breakfast.  Mentor Josh Higgins had prepared a devotional on the choices we make today that can affect our lives in the future.  It was great conversation and time of sharing on Isaiah 40:28-41.  We got to share with the young men on being a Christian Leader to set the example and how to lean on your relationship with Christ in all times good and bad.  We concluded by praying over our boys and our time together that weekend.  That morning it was a raining so we took the time to head over to Wonder Works for some time just goofing off and having fun.  We spent the majority of the day there and then left mid afternoon for some lunch and to meet our deep sea fishing crew at the docks.  We got lined up for our next days deep sea fishing trip and then rode go carts, hit the vomatron, and ate some dinner.  We were exhausted Saturday evening and hit the bed early ready for Sunday’s deep sea fishing trip.

Sunday morning came early as we rolled out of bed and headed over to Half Hitch Bait and Tackle shop to meet Brian Stover.  Brian is our partner who makes this trip possible.  We can’t thank him, Shorty, and Chris Garmon enough for hosting us for this trip.  He outfitted all four boys in a new fishing shirt and then we headed over to the marina to his boat for a day of deep sea fishing.  The weather was great, the seas were calm, and it was a great day for fishing.  After about a 2 hour ride out to the fishing grounds we let down our lines.  The fishing started slowed but it wasn’t long before it heated up.  We had red snapper coming in left and right and at times had 2-4 on at a time.  The boys did great battling the fish and landing them.  We ended up catching our limit and the boys were pumped.  We all napped for the ride back into shore.  Brian sent the fish over to the market for processing and we left and hit the beach one more time before cleaning up for dinner.  We picked up the fish at the market and then headed to dinner.  Brian treated all the boys to a nice steak dinner that night for their fishing efforts.  All the boys brought back multiple packs of fish for them and their moms to enjoy.

We headed back home Monday and all the boys pretty much slept the entire way home except to eat.  It was a great trip and one that is truly a great way to invest into a smaller group of boys who are showing leadership qualities within our programs.  We ask that you continue to pray over our programs, boys, and mentors as we continue to seek God to use us during our time with them to draw them closer to Him.


You can see all the pictures using the link below.


2017 Georgia Summer Leadership Trip