Our South Carolina Chapter held its August Archery program this past weekend.  It was a hot and humid day but a great way to spend time between boys and mentors none the less.  We kicked the day off with a Krispy Kreme breakfast of donuts and coffee with the boys and mentors.  This was our video update program for South Carolina so we had the opportunity to interview a mom, boys, and mentors on what Truth in Nature means to them.  We got the interviews done before it got to hot while we were eating some breakfast.  We cannot thank Brian Little enough of Brian Little Productions for all the hard work he continues to give us and this ministry while capturing the stories and blessings God continues to give.

Before jumping right in with the archery we had a short time of instruction and how-to when it came to shooting the bow.  The boys and mentors warmed up on the practice target.  They each took turns getting used to and comfortable with their bow of choice and how to line the shots up.  Once everyone was comfortable with the bows we hit the homemade station course where the boys and mentors got the try their hand shooting at 3D coyotes, beavers, and deer targets.  There was even a long distance shot station as well.  As we progressed the boys got better and better lining up their shots.  After taking our time around the stations we took a break for our lunch and devotional.  Matt Hellman led our devotional on trusting Jesus when you miss the mark.  It was a great devotional for the boys and mentors.  After the devotional it was pizza time for lunch.  We all enjoyed some pizza before getting ready for the competition.

After lunch it was time for the competition.  We took at little more practice and then began keeping score.  A $20 pizza gift card was on the line for the winner of the competition.  The boys and mentors took careful aim and shot placement on each target.  It was back and forth with Niko and Daniel leading the way.  We shot from the big target, to the coyote, then to the beaver, to the deer station, and finishing off with the long distance station.  It all came down to the last station and the last shot.  Niko edged out Daniel by one shot and was our competition winner!

All in all it was a great day spending time with boys and mentors.  The true success was the time spent on God’s Word along with the bonds and relationships between boys and mentors being strengthened.  Please join us in prayer for the young men and mentors that take part at all of our chapters.  We pray that God will continue to use these programs to draw these boys closer to Him.  You can check out all the pictures by visiting the link below.


2017 South Carolina Archery