This past weekend conclude our 2017 programs for the Dallas, GA Chapter of Truth in Nature.  Our annual bonfire to shut down the end of the year kicked off Friday evening with a feast fit for Kings. Program Director, Don Brooks and his wife, Leslie, served up smoked turkeys and ham with all the fixings.   It was a great meal and everyone got stuffed!  Afterward, long time mentor, Tim Croft, shared the last devotion of 2017 around the Bonfire by asking, “Why are we here?”  It was a very moving devotional and led the boys and mentors into a meaningful discussion and bonding experience as many shared their hearts. This was followed by marshmallow toasting and s’mores, around the camp fire.  We concluded the evening with a new and fun marshmallow game we won’t soon forget!   It was a perfect night for fire, food and a game of manhunt.

Saturday morning was more laid back than usual, sleeping in, enjoying breakfast and a final camp clean.  As we closed camp for the year, Don presented a challenge to our group for 2018.  As we live our lives, no matter where we are or who we’re with, let there be enough evidence to convict us of being a Christ Follower.  We pulled out of camp and headed to West Ridge Church to join all of our families, sponsors and community partners where another celebration began with our End of the Year Banquet. Jim N. Nicks served up their finest for lunch. Founder, Jeff Davis and Director, Don Brooks both shared 2017 Corporate and GA Chapter highlights, project accomplishments, presented awards, honored our moms, mentors, sponsors and community partners.   We saw a great  highlight video and testimony from the boys that was put together by Brian Little of Brian Little Productions.  We cannot thank each and every one of you that has made this possible in 2017.  Because of you and your partnership you are making the difference.  As we approach the end of 2017, we give God all the honor and credit for the amazing things He has done and can hardly wait to see what He has in store for 2018.  Please continue to life up these programs, boys, moms, and mentors in your prayers and that God will continue to use them to reach more in the communities we serve and future communities.  You can see all the pictures by visiting the link below.



2017 Georgia End of Year Bonfire and Banquet