Break The Fatherless Cycle

Mentor the next generation like they were our sons 

Boys Without a Father Figure

  • youth suicides 63% 63%
  • homeless and runaway youths 90% 90%
  • children that exhibit behavioral disorders 85% 85%
  • high school dropouts 71% 71%
  • juveniles in state-operated institutions 70% 70%

*Stats From U.S. Department of Justice

An Opportunity
To Do Something About It

Manny’s Story

More About Manny

Manny, is a long time Truth in Nature boy, that graduated in 2019. Manny was one of our strongest leaders and was recognized as such.  Manny came to our programs being raised in a single mom household needing some additional guidance and direction in his life.  Manny quickly adapted to our programs and became a true leader.  During one program on a Friday night Manny came to one of the mentors and wanted to talk about where he had been and how to not go back in that direction.  Manny shared some very personal and emotional things with our mentor about his life growing up and some of the influences he realizes he needs to stay away from.  During that conversation, Manny decided it was time to give his life to Christ and begin a new walk and journey.  He prayed to receive Christ and was baptized the following day after our spring fishing program.  Manny graduated High School with all A’s, a 4.0 GPA, and a scholarship to play college football.  We are proud of Manny and the decisions he is making

Isaac’s Story

More About Isaac

Isaac, is one of our long standing boys.  He came into our programs feeling abandoned and lost.  Having to raise his brother for many years and drifting in and out of trouble he came to our programs.  Over the years Isaac has excelled and made positive life changing decisions.  He is now making good grades, has a plan for his future, and is following Christ. 

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